The IQAC prepares the Annual Quality Assurance Report(AQAR) to be sent to NAAC. Click the links below to access the Reports

The AQARs sent to NAAC can be accessed here

IQAC Newsletters
The IQAC publishes bi annual newsletters which are circulated to all members of the IQAC.

IQAC newsletters can be accessed from the links below

Vol I Issue I Newsletter 2014 First Term of A. Y 2014-15
 Vol I Issue 2  Newsletter May 2015 Second Term of A.Y 2014-15

Vol II Issue 1 Newsletter Dec 2015  First Term of A. Y 2015-16

Vol II Issue 2 Newsletter April 2016  Second term of A. Y 2015-16

Vol III Issue 1 Newsletter Dec 2016 First Term of A.Y 2016-17

Vol III Issue 2 Newsletter May 2017 Second Term of A. Y 2016-17