10 April 2014

Workshop on Perspective Planning

The IQAC organised  a workshop in Perspective Planning. Dr Agnes  D'Costa led the participants and shared the philosophical bases of perspective planning which included expectations of National Curricular Framework for Teacher Education 2009, UNESCO goals of education, vision of XII Five Year Plan with respect to Higher Education Institutes and the vision of the CCR. The participants examined the KSV3 approach to planning and had a discussion on its various facets. Sample plans were scrutinized and modifications were suggested. The faculty has undertaken the responsibility of preparing  perspective plans for their own Departments. A perspective plan for the college will be drawn by the IQAC.

Kindly see  this file  before you prepare your perspective planning. The document will give a view of expectations of NAAC and help to prepare quality based perspective plans.

Pushpanjali plan 
This  presentation using Google docs is what was used for our workshop on perspective planning.
Happy Planning!

IQAC Activities  2014-15

2 May 2015.

Sr Bertha D’Mello conducted a session on ‘Legal Provisions for Women Empowerment’. She deliberated on various legal provisions that are formulated to uphold the dignity of women.  Sr Sushila oriented the faculty towards important aspects of Income Tax rules.

6 May 2015

  Principal Dr Mariamma Joseph conducted a session on   ‘Parent-Adult-Child and Upbringing of Children’. She elaborated upon the life positions and deliberated upon the role of family as a social structure to meet the emotional needs of children.
7 and 8 May 2015 

Ms Angelina Nunes conducted a workshop on ‘Understanding the Self through Transactional Analysis’ for the benefit of the faculty. Her inputs on assertiveness, accepting oneself and other topics helped to discern the positive role one can play to ensure a life that is balanced and productive to self and society

IQAC Activities 2015-16

 18 April 2016 

Students, IQAC members and  stakeholders benefited from a seminar led by  IQAC external expert  Mr Willibrord George who spoke on the  'Seven Levers of School Transformation'. These levers are:

  • Student Culture
  • Staff Culture
  • School Leadership Teams
  • Instructional Planning
  • Observation and Coaching 
  • Data Driven Instruction
  • Professional Development
Mr Willibrord discussed low cost yet highly effective means to look at how data leverages change in an organization. He deliberated on means to transform school culture through use of social media and Apps for lesson planning. He shared some of the best practices such as  Project RISE, DDA Planner and the Read for Change endeavour used in his schools. The seminar was highly inspiring as it helped to see how need based innovations can go a long way in changing the status quo of an institution. 

IQAC activities

Workshop on Creating a Learning Organization

On 2 July 2016 Dr Helen Jadhav conducted a workshop entitled ‘Building a Learning Organisation’. All members of the staff were present for the same. Dr Helen Jadhav elucidated various components of  Learning Organization such as Shared Vision,Personal Mastery, Systems Thinking, Mental Models and Team Learning.

Session on Universal Instruction Design 

In  March 2017, a session on Universal Instructional Design was conducted by Dr Mabel Pimenta. Universal Instructional Design (UID) is a process that involves considering the potential needs of all learners when designing and delivering instruction.

Workshop on ICT tools

Ms Nikita Rebello conducted a workshop for the faculty on ‘OCR optical character recognition and converting speech to text.’ OCR is a free service available on the web and it can easily convert scanned documents, PDFs, scanned invoices, screenshots and photos into editable and searchable text.


On 24 November the IQAC organised a session entitled "Facing the B.Ed course with confidence". This session for the r F.Y.B.Ed students helped the students to understand the importance of the various activities that are part of the B.Ed course. The resource persons Ms Mildred Gonsalves, Ms Tracy D'Souza, Ms Audrey Carvalho and Ms Shifa Dias shared their experiences and gave valuable insights thus helping the students realise how a blend of activities will help them actualise their inner potential. Ms Mildred expounded the role played by the Student Council. Ms Tracy DSouza gave inputs regarding facing the exams with poise and equanimity. Ms Audrey spoke on the significance of cocurricular activiites. Ms Shifa guided the students regarding internship experience. 

27 November 2014

IQAC Meeting

The Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) met on 27 November 2014. Reflection and intense deliberation on issues pertinent to quality enhancement helped us to crystallize our plans for the future. Our external experts on quality, Dr Karuna Gupta, Fr Dr Patrick D’Souza and Mr Sunil Rajpurkar, offered their inspiring insights and constructive feedback during the meeting.

Mr Willibrord George giving a demonstration of Mobile Apps for Teacher Professional Developmen

IQAC Meeting... Brainstorming in progress

22 September 2016

Quality Enhancement through deliberations

On 22 September 2016  the IQAC members met for a discussion with Mr Prakash Almeida and Mr Ronnie DCosta to explore avenues to enhance quality in Language Education. Mr Almeida shared some of his experiences in language learning. Discussions were directed to addressing issues and challenges in Language Learning vis a vis a seminar on pertinent topics.