360 Degree Feedback 2016-17

Feedback from Alumni can be accessed here

360 degree feedback 2014

n April 2014, the IQAC solicited feedback from various stakeholders. This 360 degree feedback has helped the college to get a glimpse of what parents, students, alumni and employers think of the various activities conducted in the college. The mechanism has also helped us to gain insights into expectations of  employers and alumni as they report from their field experience. The planning for the coming year will draw heavily from this feedback. Here is a gist of feedback offered by various stakeholders.

Feedback from Students

The students were asked to give their feedback on various aspects as quality of academic programmes, co curricular activities, evaluation system, infrastructure and management. 

Students Feedback regarding the Practice Teaching Programme.

We used Google Forms to solicit students' feedback about Practice Teaching. you can views their feedback here.  The experience in use of Google Forms was quite rewarding as we can solicit feedback without the respondent needing to reveal his/ her identity. Also analysis and graphical representation are automatically done. Hurray for Google Forms!

Feedback from Parents


Feedback from Alumni

A five point rating scale comprising of 15 items was sent to about 50 alumni. While some were contacted in person others were contacted through email. Their responses are collated below.
100% agreed that B.Ed course has helped them plan their daily lessons and helped them learn different teaching learning techniques
94% opined that they have got sound knowledge of evaluation procedures during B.Ed
94% opined that B.Ed has helped them manage the classroom well
100% report that B.Ed has helped them use technology effectively in the classroom
100 % report that B.Ed helped them enhance their guidance skills adequately
75% report that the B.Ed course has helped them deal effectively with slow learners and gifted students.
100% report that their confidence has been boosted due to the B.Ed course
100 % report that their organizational skills have improved due to B.Ed
100 % report that B.Ed course has helped them organize co curricular activities
100% report that they have been motivated to become lifelong learners due to B.Ed

Our Alumni on their Lifelong Learning Journey

Here are some examples of how our alumni keep learning and guiding others. Tripti Saun has always been a learner. Even after her B.Ed she has kept learning by enroling herself in Massive Open Online courses and creating her own learning space online. Please see her views about her B.Ed.  Her blog is one place where even her teachers learn from her. Thanks Tripti.